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Spokane Soccer Center

The Spokane Soccer Center is a tool for the community to help everyone of all ages and skill levels to perform better, play better, and feel better by playing the sport of soccer.

The Spokane Soccer Center experience is more than just providing leagues and selling shoes/apparel just as playing soccer is more than just kicking a ball. Everything we do is bound by one simple thought: We strive to help you perform at your best and have fun doing it.

Contact Us Spokane Soccer Center

Contact Us Spokane Soccer Center

General Questions & Inquiries

Phone: 509-924-7529

SSC Player Card

New identification cards must be obtained at $15.00 per player.  All new players will need some form of I.D. to obtain a players card (Birth Certificate, Passport, or Medical Insurance Card with Birth Date).  Cards are annual, renewable by September 1st of each year. A temporary (one game) card can be issued for $5.00 per game with picture I.D.  Player Cards are Non-Refundable. 

SSC Waiver of Liability:
Fees paid to SSC do not include insurance for injuries to players, coaches or managers. All players must sign a waiver of liability at the SSC. Parent or legal guardian must sign the SSC Waiver for players under age 18 and must do so in person at the SSC. NO EXCEPTIONS!

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    7320 East Nora Ave.

    Spokane, WA 99212

    Phone: 509-924-7529  
    Fax: 509-927-9618