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Phase 2 Changes: Feb 15th, 2021


Spokane Soccer Center COVID Protocols

Based on recent announcements from our State Governor our facility will be in phase 2 protocols on  Monday, February 15st at 6:00 am PST. There are two major changes for our facility from phase 1 and the  following safety measures will be implemented in order to ensure a safe return for everyone at our facilities:


  • We are at 25% capacity, so fans are allowed in the building but everyone is required to wear masks into our facility.
  • Members are required to maintain 6 feet of social distancing while in the facility. Employees will be circulating to help clean and remind everyone to keep their distance.


Supporting the health and fitness of our community and a commitment to providing a safe, clean and welcoming workout environment remains a top priority. Over the past several weeks, we established a task force and consulted with leading experts to put together a comprehensive and phased approach as our facility re-open. The SPOKANE SOCCER CENTER has implemented new measures to further support a clean and safe facility. We know that access to our facility helps many of our members manage stress, improve their health and further their fitness goals and soccer skills. Our community is stronger together! Please respect your fitness community and follow the new guidelines so we can continue to Train Different together.




To support a clean, safe and welcoming workout environment, we're rolling out some updates. As we move through the phases of re-opening, we will continue to monitor the member experience and government guidelines to make adjustments.

- Enhanced Cleaning Protocol. Our facility is equipped with a hand-held sprayer that we use after each game, or training and our facility is sprayed daily to disinfect. Our enhanced cleaning protocol increases the cleaning and disinfecting of equipment as well as high-touch areas used by both members and team members. This includes use of top-grade disinfectant products, wiping down high-traffic areas every hour or more, daily cleaning of equipment, and more.
- Social Distancing. Some amenities and equipment in the facility may not be available to support social distancing, new cleaning policies and member safety. Please maintain 6 feet of distance, or the local required distance, from others while in the facility.
- Schedule Changes. facility hours and game schedules have been modified to allow for daily deep cleans.

- Facility Registration Required. facility capacity will be reduced to support social distancing. You must register in advance for league/trainings.
- Face Coverings. Members and team members are always required to wear face coverings while at THE SPOKANE SOCCER CENTER. Face shields without a face covering would not be permitted at THE SPOKANE SOCCER CENTER per county guidelines. PLAYERS DO NOT have to wear masks while playing or training, once players exit the field, they are required to put face covering back on.

- Temperature Checks. Members and team members will have body temperatures taken prior to entering the facility via touchless thermometers. CDC or local government guidelines will be followed and individuals with a body temperature greater than 100.4 degrees, or local guidelines, will not be permitted entry into the facility. If you feel sick or have been in close contact with a sick person, please do not enter the facility.

- Player Cards. All players are required to have a Spokane Soccer Center player card to play in any leagues at any time. Players must show the referees each card per player, DO NOT HAND THE PLAYERS CARDS TO THE REF. If a player is suspended from a game the referee will hand write the players name and date of birth and report it to the Spokane Soccer Center after the game.

- MODIFIED ENTRANCE AND EXIT. One-way entrance at the east side of the building (by the dumpsters) One-way exit at the north side of the building. (by the bathrooms) Players and fans waiting cannot enter the field until all previous teams and fans have left the facility. The employees will keep count on numbers inside the facility to comply with the new capacity guideline.


  • Questions???

Please feel free to reach out to our facility with and questions and/or concerns via email or by phone. (509) 924-7529 or SSCINDOOR@HOTMAIL.COM






Spokane Soccer Center

The Spokane Soccer Center is a tool for the community to help everyone of all ages and skill levels to perform better, play better, and feel better by playing the sport of soccer.

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