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Adult Schedules

Fall 2022 League Schedule

Game Schedules Important Information


The online schedules are schedules posted at the beginning of each session, they are NOT updated on a regular basis to reflect reschedules or makeup games. 

Please call/email ( the Soccer Center if you need to confirm a game time or change.

Reschedule Policy

No reschedules are guaranteed

Reschedule requests must be made at least 72 hours (3 days) prior to the game in question.

Reschedule requests must be made via email by the Team Manager only.


If/when a game has been rescheduled you will be contacted via email/phone . If you do not respond, we will leave a message and try again two more times. If you still fail to respond or call back, you forfeit your right to play the game.

Special Circumstances:

If an opposing team does not show up for a scheduled game, the team that shows up will be given a make-up game at another time. However, if the team decides to stay and use the field during the assigned time slot, no extra game will be scheduled.

The team that does not show up will not be given a make-up game unless their no-show is due to no fault of their own.